Help Now!

Perpetual Help Home and the Center for Peace have been impacted significantly by Hurricane Harvey.

UPDATE: October 2017

Life is beginning to seem normal again. We have adapted to our new living and working space. Offices have been converted into bedrooms while we are waiting to rebuild the home. Insurance estimates finally came in but were incredible low. Our main home with nine bedrooms remains unusable and will be that way until renovations can happen.

The biggest concern is that our End of Summer Bash was scheduled for August 26th, the day after Harvey made landfall. Since it was an outside event, on our property, we were forced to cancel the event. This creates a significant gap in operating funds for the remainder of the year with so many other organizations and individuals in the same situation.

Any gift at this time will enable us to continue to offer a safe place for women and children in our community. 


Your gift would enable us to continue to help our community. We had a fundraiser planned for Saturday, August 26 that was canceled due to Harvey. There is no way to reschedule that event with all that we are facing. That fundraiser was what needed to bring in operating dollars for our home. So any gift will help since we raised no money  through that event and we are now spending more than expected due to Harvey.

The best way to help is to give. This comes from the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, "It is better to send cash donations instead of having to transport and store items at great expense. Quite often, survivors do not need or can’t use goods that are donated by generous fellow citizens. Organizations that receive unsolicited donations have to take time to catalogue and store such materials, which takes valuable time away from working on urgent needs." Most of us here locally would agree. 

The Center for Peace is now reopened but still waiting for roof to be repaired. Rainy days are a challenge since water still pours in through the damaged roof.

AUGUST 26, 2017

We are so overwhelmed that the women of Perpetual Help Home were able to SAFELY evacuate before the landfall of Hurricane Harvey due to an incredibly generous supporter. The women are all safe and the staff is all safe. 

Some of the Perpetual Help Home facilities did not fare so well. The main home has sustained damage and is now experiencing water damage due to leaking roof. 

The Center for Peace suffered even more damage when two store-front windows blew out during the storm. Glass, water, and debris filled the main area. 

Roofs on both buildings are damaged and causing continued problems. 

We are thankful that both buildings are insured and confident will be restored. 

Until then, there is much to do.


If you would like to help us during this difficult time you can give here.