Annual Fund 2018

Annual Fund 2018

“Under construction” often has a negative connotation. When I see an “under construction” sign on the highway my eyes quickly dart from side to side, looking for a detour.  However, being “under construction” can also lead to positive outcomes! 

 Perpetual Help Home has been “under construction” for the better half of 2018.  Times were hard. It was a difficult challenge to be hindered in providing much needed services to women and families because of Hurricane Harvey. But through that devastation has come beauty. Our Main House has been transformed into a beautiful home—even better than before the storm!

 Being “under construction” also rings true for the overarching mission of Perpetual Help Home. Women and families who are in transition is the very heart of our mission! They have identified a need for repair and restoration in their lives and have committed to use PHH as a place to do the messy work of construction. This construction may be within themselves, through counseling and learning job and life skills; with others, as many work to reconcile with family members and the community; or with God.

 The most beautiful thing about our God is that he does not mind the mess of construction—in fact, he welcomes it!  As Paul encourages the Philippian believers, “There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears” (4:6, MSG.)  God does not expect perfection on this earth. Sore disappointment would be the only result of that hope! Instead, God asks for a repentant spirit; an understanding of our brokenness and need for Him.

 Here at Perpetual Help Home we are hard at work right alongside our residents who have chosen to be “under construction.” It would be simpler for them to accept the status quo for themselves and their families—to continue living in addiction, suffering abuse, or moving from partner to partner—but they have chosen the messy path of progress. It is with your help, that PHH can continue to serve these families.

 Will you please consider a gift to help make change possible in the lives of our residents? Every donation, large or small, provides hope that transformation is attainable, that renewed and restored lives are within reach, and that being “under construction” is so worth it.

 Because of Jesus,

 Bethany Castro- Executive Director