"Inside Out" Ministries

The Center for Peace has many restorative justice ministries targeting victims, offenders, families and criminal justice ministries. The details of each program are outlined below. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Criminal Justice Professionals

Goodies and Thanks!

Perpetual Help Home residents bake homemade desserts and deliver them once a month to thank different criminal justice professionals in our area for all they do.  Too often women at Perpetual Help Home have had negative interactions with criminal justice professionals in the past.  This ministry allows the women of the home to see the valuable services provided by criminal justice professionals.  It also allows those working in the field to recognize that there are individuals who are positively impacted by their efforts and change to become productive members of our community. 

Conflict Resolution Training for Criminal Justice Professionals

The Center for Peace will provide a specialized training specifically for law enforcement on conflict resolution.  This training is to provide participants with insight into communication tools that can assist with resolving disputed in not-violent situations.  The presenters provide communication techniques that can become another tool that individuals in law enforcement can utilize when appropriate to address safety in our community.  This training it provided at no cost as a way to give back to those addressing crime in our community.

Offenders and Ex-Offenders

Night to Light

Once a week we hit the streets and pray with prostitutes and drug addicts.  Some of the women from Perpetual Help Home have been on the streets and in addiction and prostitution.  This ministry was designed by them as a way to go back to bring a message of hope.  They offer hope that life can be different and the lives of the women at Perpetual Help Home who are overcoming past destructive lifestyles are the evidence of that hope.  
Each week PHH residents hit the streets armed with a gift of a teddy bear and a message to hope to women caught in the dark world of prostitution.

Letters from Home

Women at Perpetual Help Home write encouraging letters to women who are incarcerated. Again, there are some PHH residents who have made poor choices in the past that lead to jail or prison.  The goal of letters from home is to encourage those locked up that there is hope to rebuild life after incarceration.  It also becomes a link to the community that women in prison or jail will return after incarceration.

Victim Ministries

Crime Victim Support Circles

This is a group that is held once a month and is offered to women have been victims of violent crimes. A licensed counselor and victim advocate facilitate meeting.  The women of Perpetual Help Home do not participate in this meeting but only seek to give back to victims by providing a safe place to meet to address the trauma of the crimes impacting their lives.  There is no cost to attend.

Making it Right

A new program where the women of Perpetual Help Home donate funds to assist elderly individuals retrieve stolen items.


Families of Offenders

Light in the Darkness

This is book is designed to give the reader hope. It is filled with stories of woman who have been previously incarcerated and found life and hope afterward. The stories highlight the journey of women as they re-enter society and are reconciled back with family and friends.