The Center for Peace offers five training opportunities which are outlined below. If you are interested in any of these or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 

Center for Peace
(361) 575-2249

40-Hour Basic Mediation Training

This training is designed to provide the basic information and skills required to become a mediator. What will be covered in this training?

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mediation Theory
  • Self-Awareness of Trainee
  • Mediation Process and Techniques
  • Overview of ADR Legislation in Texas

The price of this training is $400 per person.

We also offer 24-Hour Victim Offender Mediation at $300 per person.

Conflict Resolution Training

Information covered will include: 
Basic principles, and practices in resolving conflicts, including:

  • Neutral language
  • Listening dialogue
  • Position vs. interest
  • Generating options
  • "Thinking outside the box"

The price of this training is $75 per person.

Wholistic Community Development Training

Wholistic Community Development means exposing the love of Christ to people in under-resourced neighborhoods; while developing their potential and productivity. This training includes materials from:

  • Dr. Ruby Payne
  • Chalmers Center for Economic Development
  • Christian Community Development Priniciples
  • 15 years experience of staff at Perpetual Help Home
  • Insight from women struggling to leave under-resourced neighborhoods

The price of this training is $25.00 a person.


This personal and very realistic training was created by the staff of the Center for Peace.  The women bring insight from personal struggles with addiction and provide information in methods and processes that best help others struggling with addiction. The uniqueness that our training brings is being able to hear directly from a recovering addict the struggles they faced and the hope they now have in their sobriety. Some key things you will learn from attending this training are: 

  • Identifying signs of addiction/ and relapse
  • Learning how enabling them to remain in their addiction can be deadly
  • You will also gain knowledge on effective steps to apply when helping an addict
  • Learn ways on how the church can help
  • You will also learn how beneficial the holistic approach is when helping those suffering from substance abuse

The price of this training is $25.00 a person.

Opportunity Knocks&  Acceleration

Employees and trainees at the Center created the Opportunity Knocks and the Acceleration Program. They are also the instructors for the program demonstrating the leadership and empowerment they have experienced and hope to pass on to others.  

Opportunity Knocks is the first phase where actual material and concepts are taught.  Acceleration is the second phase of clinicals that allow participants the opportunity to apply Opportunity Knock's lessons in a real work environment.  Skills taught include:

  • Business Professionalism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Organization and Multitasking
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quick Books
  • Publisher
  • Proficiency in typing
  • Experience in setting up trainings and also participating as a trainer
  • Hands on training in a non-profit

The training is taught in modules, some direct instruction and some individual paced self-instruction.For the business training we use manuals provided by Microsoft Office Training: Expert MS Office training in London and UK wide by Mouse Training. 

The price of each module is $20.
(Potential partial scholarships covering up to 90% of the cost available.)